Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Progress Tuesday

Learning: Minuet 2 Part B
Working Piece: Minuet 2 Part A
Struggle: Looking at her bow while she plays.
Looking forward to: Playing all of Minuet 2. She is genuinely excited and is just so into it when she plays it! I think she loves in particular the beginning part.

Learning: On Violin she is learning Minuet 2. This will be the last piece she learns before she switches to cello completely. On cello we are doing a lot of left hand exercises, starting a bit of French Folk Song.
Working Piece: Minuet 1
Struggles: Violin. She just can't get herself to focus on the violin, because she is so excited for a cello.
Looking forward to: Playing with a bow on the cello. The songs she is playing now are all in pizzicato. We supposedly will start playing with the bow at the next lesson.

Struggle:  Getting all of the practice items in in the limited time. AM currently has no time to do any sort of review, since she has to keep playing Etude, since that's her recital piece, Minuet 1, as well as learning pieces from Minuet 2.
Looking Forward to: Gavotte! I love Minuets, and I am glad the girls are finally playing those! They just sound so pretty! But Gavotte, there is just something fun about it!

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