Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Progress Tuesday

Learning: Minuet 2
Working Piece: Minuet 1
Struggle: She knows Minuet 1 well at this point, but she confuses a few C/C#s, and she has a hard time going back and working on specific passages.
Looking forward to: Playing all of Minuet 2. She is generally content with where she is though :)

Learning: Cello. We had the first real lesson and we have quite a few exercises to do
Working Piece: Etude/Minuet 1 on violin
Struggles: Review Pieces on violin. All of a sudden with less time to do review she has forgotten Perpetual Motion/Allegretto/Andantino...
Looking forward to: MORE CELLO!! Seriously I have never seen this kid so excited about a musical instrument!

Struggle: Etude! The girls can't seem to remember it! We practice it over and over many times, and still!
Looking Forward to: Seeing the girls in the recital! 

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