Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Progress Tuesday

Learning: Seitz 1 (Concerto #2, 3rd Movement)
Working Piece: Bach Bourree
Struggle: getting notes in tune when she goes fast
Looking forward to: still Seitz 1 :)
Favorite Piece to Play: Gavotte in g Minor

Learning: bits and pieces of Beethoven's Minuet in G
Working Piece: Scherzo
Struggles: Playing in tune especially when she shifts back to 1st position
Looking forward to: Minuet in C minor
Favorite Piece to Play: May Time

Learning: plucking Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Working Piece: Song of the Wind
Struggles: keeping her violin up when she plays
Looking forward to: Allegro
Favorite Piece to Play:  Twinkle Theme

Things are going well. Both girls are working on vibratto, it will be a while before they can use it appropriately. Anya is working a lot on reading, that is keeping her interested. We worked a lot on review over winter break, and I think the girls can competently/correctly play almost all review songs. Katya is very good at practicing! She practices for 20 minutes and pays attention almost the entire time!