Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Progress Tracking Tuesday

I am not very good at memes, so let's see if I stick this one out. I will post on Tuesdays what we are currently working on, what we are struggling with and what we are looking forward to.

Learning: Perpetual Motion Variation
Working Piece: Perpetual Motion
Struggle: Keeping the violin up on her shoulder. Ms J suggested that she remember her "snobby nose". She loved the analogy, so we will implement that during practice, and hopefully it will help.
Looking forward to: Learning Allegretto

Learning: Allegretto, slowly oh so VERY slowly
Working Pieces: Twinkle-Allegro on D String
Struggle: Playing SLOWLY so that she can play well
Looking forward to: Showing off all that she has learned during the break to Ms V.

Struggle: I am struggling with the metronome. I hate the darn thing! When I was a child, I played piano for quite a few years, and I HATED the metronome, refused to play it, so consequently never learned how to play with it. I am struggling to teach the girls how to use it, because I dislike it so much! They both have reading homework and they have to use the metronome with it. I despise that section of practice the most, and sometimes delegate it to my husband. 
Looking forward to: Minuets! I am so very much looking forward to tackling those. Etude scares me quite frankly, so I will be very happy when we move past it.

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