Friday, November 20, 2015

Progress Tuesday

Learning: Bach Bourree
Working Piece: Gavotte in D Major / Humoresque for recital
Struggle: bow hold!
Looking forward to: Seitz 1
Favorite Piece to Play: Gavotte in g Minor

Learning: nothing...
Working Piece: Lully Gavotte for recital, Boccherini Minuet, Scherzo
Struggles: Playing in tune especially when she shifts
Looking forward to: Humoresque (she has tried to play in by ear....
Favorite Piece to Play: Berceuse

Learning: finishing Lightly Row
Working Piece: preparing Twinkle A for recital
Struggles: opening her bow arm from the elbow
Looking forward to: Allegro (and apparently also Humoresque... I am not going to tell her that it will be a couple of years...)
Favorite Piece to Play:  Twinkle Theme

I think I have hit my stride. We go by the list, we have a complicated review system and a system of Blue/Green/Yellow/Red cards that they earn. The better the card the more iPad time they get. There is a times to keep me on track and specific assignments from the teachers help immensely!

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