Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Progress Tuesday

Learning: Nothing at this point -- a bunch of technical things
Working Piece: Minuet 2
Struggle: Right elbow and pinkey. The pinky flies up whenever she plays on A or E strings.
Looking forward to: Learning Happy Farmer
Favorite Piece to Play: This week it is May Song :)

Learning: Started Lightly Row
Working Piece: Twinkles & French Folk Song
Struggles: Keeping her left elbow up and her right elbow down!
Looking forward to: Learning all the pieces!
Favorite Piece to Play: French Folk Song
This is her last week of violin, and she cannot wait to return it and just do cello.

Struggle: Making time for everything. Altogether I practice with the girls for close to 2 hours! i will be very happy when at least AM doesn't have to do violin
Looking Forward to: K starting piano! She is still only 2.5, but I am hoping to get her started a year from now.

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