Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Progress Tuesday

Learning: Still Etude, she knows the whole thing now, so it is just a matter of playing it over and over.
Working Piece: Etude :)
Struggle: Looking at her bow when she plays. The number of times I have to say "look at your violin" during one practice session is astounding.
Looking forward to: starting Minuet 1.

Learning: Etude, finally!
Working Piece: Etude
Struggles: With the bow hold with the thumb inside, she keeps tilting the bow towards herself and we need to keep reminding her to tilt it away!
Looking forward to: learning the rest of Etude.

Struggle: Memorizing the Etude. I typically can commit a piece to memory while the girls are learning it, but not Etude... I think I just need to practice it myself!
Looking Forward to: Summer Institute! We are going in June and I am SO excited I cannot wait!

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